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Need ideas on how to utilize your Family Contact results? Can’t find your copy of the most recent Family Contact monthly newsletter? Need more survey envelopes? This page is specially designed for Family Contact participants and offers everything that you need to know in order to use the Family Contact Program successfully. Welcome to the Family Contact Program!

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  • Paperless Family Contact Reports: All Family Contact reports are online and easy to retrieve. Through this website, you are now able to view, save and/or download your monthly reports and other files related to the Family Contact Program such as the most recent version of the paper survey. Please download this flyer for more details. If you need your online access information resent through email again, please contact the Family Contact Program Manager at drodriguez@ogr.org.

  •  Use the Updated Survey: Not sure which survey is the most recent version?  The updated survey can be downloaded, saved and printed through the new Family Contact website.

  • Survey Tracking Information: If you track your funeral home’s surveys, please ONLY write case #s or tracking information in the “For Funeral Home Use:” section on the backside of the survey.


altFamily Contact User Guide and Instructional Resources

The Family Contact User Guide

The user guide contains an extensive description of  the program and all of its procedures.The guide is full of helpful visuals that will lead you step by step through processes such as accessing your online Family Contact results, embedding your survey link in an email, changing your print properties when printing the survey, a detailed overview of the monthly and yearly reports, commonly asked questions and much, much more!

Download the User Guide (USA & Canada version)

Download User Guide (International version)

Instructional Video: How to Access Your Family Contact Program Online Results and Reports

Click here or play below.

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Reorder Supplies

The only supplies that you need to order from OGR are the business reply envelopes and the mail out envelopes. Order Family Contact Supplies here (free of charge).

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Survey Mailing Service Sign Up

The Family Contact mailing service option makes using the Family Contact Program as convenient as possible. Perhaps you don't have time to send out the feedback surveys yourself or prefer to have less to worry about, let OGR mail out the surveys for you and send you a full report every month along with the completed surveys. The cost of the mailing service option is $1 per mailing address (paper survey) or email address (personalized online survey link). All you have to do is submit a list of contacts and OGR does the rest! Mail Service Sign Up Here!

When you submit a list of mailing addresses, OGR prints and mails out your funeral home's personalized paper survey and OGR's official letter of explanation in a special Family Contact Program envelope. Return postage is included on the business reply envelope for each contact to mail a completed survey back to OGR for processing. If you choose to  submit a list of email addresses instead, an OGR staff member will create and send a personalized email to each contact on your list with your personalized survey link embedded in the email.

When your surveys have been mailed/emailed, you will receive an email indicating that all of the surveys have been sent to the family contacts you submitted. OGR fulfills your mailing service request within 5-10 business days after receipt of order with payment. Expect a report each month with your feedback results along with the returned/submitted surveys. As a Family Contact Program participant, you are able to take advantage of the mailing service option as often as you'd like.

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Survey Printing Service

OGR offers to pre-print and ship your funeral home's personalized Family Contact survey to your funeral home at a cost of $0.50 cents per survey (shipping included). Please indicate below the number of pre-printed Family Contact surveys you would like to order. Family Contact Business Reply and Mail Out envelopes are free for Family Contact Participants. If you would like to include an order of either or both of these envelopes at no extra charge, please indicate so in the Special Note box. Survey Printing Service Sign Up!

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OGR Letter of Explanation

OGR's letter of explanation communicates the significance of filling out the Family Contact survey to potential respondents. Through the letter, families are able to attain a stronger idea of who OGR members are and the type of service our members consistently strive for. The letter also instructs them how to fill out the survey online if they prefer that option. Below are links to the print version of the letter that you would print and enclose with the paper survey and the email version of the letter where you would embed your customized online link to the survey.

Print version of the Letter of Explanation (For printing purposes and to send out with the paper version of the Family Contact survey)

Email Template for Letter of Explanation (FOR EMAIL USE ONLY to send out with the online Family Contact survey link)

Print version of the Pre-Survey Letter of Explanation (For printing purposes and to use as a notification that the family will be receiving the Family Contact survey soon)

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Family Contact Newsletter

The Family Contact Newsletter contains special announcements and reminders for Family Contact participants as well as Room for Improvement and Above & Beyond comments from the survey responses received from families for that month. There are also product suggestions based on the family feedback received in order to provide participants with more ideas to add to their services. View the latest Family Contact Newsletter:

February 2018                                      January 2018                                      December 2017

   alt               alt               alt

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Utilize your Family Contact Results

There are several ways that you can use the Family Contact reports and results to improve your funeral home’s services and operations:

  • Reward/spotlight employees who are mentioned by name and receive excellent feedback from families (raffle, employee of the month, time off, etc.).
  • Share positive comments to your Facebook page and other social media.
  • Present results at staff meetings for discussion and to help guide employees on what their strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Implement suggestions for improvement into your operations.
  • Keep in contact with families who express interest in learning more about various funeral services.
  • Implement relevant information into your marketing plan on how best to reach your community and in what ways.
  • Use the results when looking for new products and services for your funeral home.

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 Reach Out to Families

OGR has gathered some helpful information on how to communicate with families that have shown interest in your services or even services you don’t offer yet. Below is a comprehensive list on popular death care topics with links to informative resources to help you reach out or keep in contact with families when they turn to you for guidance. Click on each link for pricing and order information.

Grief Services or Support Groups | Planning Funerals in Advance | Helping Children Cope with Grief | Financing funerals in Advance | Green Burials

Grief Services or Support Groups:

The Survivor’s Guide: A popular booklet used to guide the bereaved through the first few months of adjustment and reorganization.
Coping with the Holidays: An insightful brochure that offers practical suggestions for dealing with the holiday season— a particularly difficult time for those experiencing grief.

Learning to Cope: A booklet that provides encouragement and hope for those experiencing loss and includes a valuable listing of support groups.

Planning Funerals in Advance:

The Golden Rule Guide to Funeral and Memorial Planning including Cremation: A guide for helping families become familiar with the process and details of planning a funeral or memorial service.
Personal Profile: A planning guide designed to help your families organize and record the details of planning a funeral or memorial service.

Be remembered by Aurora:  Gradually collect, organize and archive your finest memories and thoughts. The site also provides tools on how to reflect on and plan your end-of-life celebration. *FREE*

Helping Children Cope with Grief:

How to Explain Death to a Child: An effective booklet written to provide guidance for parents, caregivers, teachers, counselors, and others who may find themselves faced with the difficult and often painful task of telling a child about a death.
The Bereaved Child: A booklet that provides information and guidelines to help adults understand and help the bereaved child.

How to Explain Death to a Teenager

Financing Funerals in Advance:

Straight Talk about Funeral Pre-Arrangement: A booklet that discusses options for financing with an emphasis on life insurance and trusts.

Green Burials:

A Greener Funeral: This website is intended as a general guide to green funerals. The site introduces the reader to the full spectrum of greener practices one might consider when planning a funeral. Download A Guide to Green Funerals. *FREE*

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 Awards and Recognition

The Exemplary Service Awards: These awards are presented at the OGR Annual Conference & Supplier Showcase. The Above & Beyond comments that are gathered from the Family Contact surveys are presented to the regional chairs anonymously and they cast their top three votes. Each award recipient is given an engraved plague to display in their funeral home. They are also featured in The Independent magazine, in an OGR press release, on social media, the OGR blog and other resources.


The Independent Magazine: Above & Beyond Comments are printed in OGR’s member magazine in order to spotlight the great service that Family Contact participants are giving to the families they serve.

Facebook: Above & Beyond comments are made into memes and a different one is posted every Thursday with the spotlighted funeral home tagged so that they can share the post with their friends, family and community. alt


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Helpful Resources

Informative OGR Blogs:

Is Your Funeral Home’s Appearance a Problem?

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Reasons for Funeral Homes Not to be on Facebook

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How Can Facebook Interaction Impact my Funeral Home?

I Want a Direct Cremation, Please.

Tips for Delivering Great Funeral Service

Visit the OGR Blog for more topics and helpful information.

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Contact Us!

Contact OGR's Family Contact Program Manager, 800-637-8030, for any inquiries or additional information. Also, be sure to check back on this page for more updates and new information.

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