Joining OGR  — a smart move for the progressive independent funeral home

As one of the world's longest-serving funeral organizations, OGR is able to serve the full range of business needs of the independent, family owned funeral home. Our core membership represents funeral home owners across North America, as well as overseas, who lead their businesses with compassion, dignity and the cornerstone philosophy of "Service measured not by gold, but by the Golden Rule."

Among the many reasons to join OGR...• OGR can be your primary resource if you are planning to open a new facility or to enhance your present one. • We bring dynamic ideas and expertise from those who understand your business. • When you need help adapting to emerging trends that could threaten your livelihood or infringe on your market, OGR has the support, products, services and resources to keep you current.

OGR is committed to your success by providing opportunities to connect with the people and services that can make your funeral home exceptional.

Take a look and see how OGR can help your funeral business grow. Contact the Membership Department or call (800) 637-8030 to find out how you can connect with the OGR community.

You are invited to join the leading independent funeral home association committed to “service measured not by gold, but by the Golden Rule.” We take pride in the exceptional quality of our member firms, the reliable, compassionate service they provide to families, and the integrity they demonstrate in their business practices. These principles are embodied by the high standards to which our members adhere.

Membership Types

Main Firm Membership
The main funeral home location designated by management as their primary business location. In order to be considered for membership in OGR, a firm shall have been in business for a period of not less than two (2) years, and the firm must be independently owned. Quick Apply

Affiliate Firm Membership
Any additional funeral homes owned and managed by the Main Membership firm within a 100-mile radius of the main firm’s location. Quick Apply

International Membership
Funeral homes located outside of the United States and Canada are invited to join. After all, you make us international! Quick Apply

Auxiliary Membership
Any person who is a retired employee of a current or former member firm and is no longer actively participating in the funeral profession but would like to keep up with the times. Apply

Student Membership
College students studying Mortuary Science and looking for great networking opportunities are invited to join OGR as student members. Apply

Educator Membership
Open to educators, researchers, and academics engaged in the study, but not the practice, of mortuary science. Apply

Important Membership Dues Information

Annual Membership is from July 1st to June 30th of each year.  Dues will be prorated based on remaining full months until July 1st.
  1. Regular Membership: $1,104 + $3.40 per adult case exceeding $1,000/year. You may choose an annual or quarterly payment plan.
  2. Affiliate Membership: $165
  3. International Membership: $350
  4. Auxiliary Membership: $150
  5. Student Membership: $35
  6. Educator Membership: $50
Contact the Membership Department at 800-637-8030, or email us at