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Are you independently-owned? Do you value the families you serve above all else? Then you might be the perfect fit for our association. OGR welcomes funeral homes into membership that offer a full range of funeral services, support and merchandise. As a member of OGR, you will be connected to members who hold the same strong values and business ethics as you. Here's what to expect when you apply to become a member.

Eligibility Requirements

Main Firm and International Firm Membership Requirements

In order to be considered for membership in OGR, a firm has to have been in business for a minimum of two years.

The firm must be independently owned. Membership is not open to the following entities:

  • Entities that are publicly held (i.e., firms in which interests are traded on an established securities market) or whose management or control is in or by such publicly held entities, or persons affiliated with such entities.
  • Entities in which management control is held by a private equity firm or firms (i.e., firms which, through their own capital or capital raised from investors, invests in companies not publicly held).

All eligible locations that are owned and managed by the same firm within 100 miles from the main member firm are included with the main firm's membership.

Student Membership Requirements

Must be enrolled in an accredited Mortuary Science school.

Educator Membership Requirements

Must be an educator, researcher, and/or engaged in the academic field of study, but not the practice, of mortuary science.

Retiree Membership Requirements

Must be a retired employee of a current or former OGR member firm and is no longer actively participating in the funeral profession.

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Application Process

A prospective main or international firm must complete and submit an application for membership. As part of the application process, a prospective firm must submit professional references, a copy of both their General Price List and Casket Price List, and agree to abide by the Golden Rule Standards of Ethical Conduct.

OGR checks to confirm the license status of the establishment as well as the primary funeral directors/embalmers practicing in the firm. Exceptions are considered on a case by case basis depending on specific state or country regulations.

OGR researches the prospective firm to gain a sense of their reputation in the community i.e. community involvement, mentions in local news stories, etc.

The completed application along with a summary of conducted research is sent to the board of directors for consideration. The board members must unanimously vote to approve the firm for membership in order for them to be accepted.

This process does not apply to the educator membership.

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Contact Us!

Apply online through the Membership Types and Dues page or contact the membership department at [email protected] or 800-637-8030 for more information.

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