Young Professionals Event

Clearwater, FL  *  February 23-24, 2020

Thanks to the young professional funeral directors and staff who joined us in Clearwater, FL for the 5th annual Young Professionals Event. This annual event isn’t limited to those of a specific age, but a mindset. If you want to grow in your knowledge and return to work invigorated and inspired, this event is for you! 

Who attends this event? Any funeral service professional (director, staff) who isn’t yet in a primary decision making role at their funeral home and/or is under the age of 40.

The winter Young Professionals Event is a small group event that gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded funeral service professionals, find solutions to challenges, and grow in your knowledge and skill set. Eight (8) hours of education on February 23-24 included the following sessions:

  • "Winning at Customer Service Even When We Don’t Feel Like It”
  • "The Sky's the Limit: Getting Creative with Cremation Families"
  • "The Art of Cremation Phone Inquiries"
  • "Expanding Your Reach – 7 New Community Outreach Ideas"
  • "Grow Your Skill Set: Knowledge Sharing Session"
  • "Marketing to Your Tribe” Discussion
  • Tour of member funeral home Veterans Funeral Care
Stay tuned for more information about the 2021 Young Professionals Event later this fall!

“Participating in OGR and Young Professional Events has allowed me to form connections with other funeral professionals from all over.

Getting to know them and learn how their businesses operate has made me grow, both in a personal and professional manner. I look forward to gaining new perspectives at each event." 

Peter Urban, YP Council Chair & 2019-2020 Board Member
Urban Funeral Home, Ambler, PA