The Family Contact Program surveys families on services received from Golden Rule Funeral Homes.

Here's what families are saying ...

"My father’s wishes were to have his funeral services provided by Mr. McQuade and his staff. From the moment I entered Schulyer Hill Funeral Home, I felt a sense of peace." 
Schuyler Hill Funeral Home | Bronx, NY

"When my father-in-law died and the first responders were unable to contact my husband or myself, Terry was the one who called and told us, “I’ve got Dad with me, so don’t worry.” You cannot know how comforting that statement was to hear."  Plummer Funeral Services, Inc. | Litchfield, IL

"It was very therapeutic for all of us. This is beyond “superior” service. It is compassion and really exemplifies the Golden Rule."  Boone Family Funeral Home & Cremation Services | West Jefferson, NC


 Learn more about the new Family Contact Program ...

The new Family Contact Program features all new questions, in-depth answer options, user-friendly reports, and online access to the survey. The new program was developed in direct response to the information members found most useful for improving or securing their independent funeral homes.


How do you know if the families you serve are truly satisfied? Will they tell other families about their experience with your staff and arrangements conference? What did they think about your pricing, facilities, the level of comfort and the overall service they received? Are they interested in pre-arranging? OGR's Family Contact program can find these answers and more.

The Family Contact Program is an exclusive member benefit. Because family/client satisfaction is a key indicator of your success, Family Contact was created to provide you with objective feedback from families recently served.

Families will appreciate your desire to maintain quality service standards, and you will appreciate the chance to reinforce your funeral home as a Golden Rule firm.



What are the benefits of the program?  What are the new features?  How does the program work?

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Benefits of the Family Contact Program

  • Learn what families thought of your services, ceremony, merchandise, and staff
  • Monitor areas of your funeral home and services that need improvement
  • Learn why families chose your funeral home
  • Recognize employees for superior service
  • Learn if you are meeting expectations on services
  • Receive suggestions on ways to improve
  • FREE member benefit!

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New features

Along with the regular supplies, we have added new and revised materials to further improve your family feedback experience.

  • NEW! Personalized Review of Service survey with your funeral home name, location, and unique Family Contact ID included on it. This all new family-friendly survey was developed in direct response to the information members found most useful for improving or securing their independent funeral homes. Get the information that you really need to know!
  • NEW! Customized online survey link to give to families. Not interested in mailing off the survey? Families are now able to take the Family Contact survey online.
  • NEW! By popular demand, OGR will mail survey forms directly to families for a nominal fee of $1 per address. Or, provide your families with links to an online survey form.
  • NEW! Revamped, user-friendly Monthly and Annual Reports that communicate a plethora of information about your funeral home and its operations.  These professional reports also include visual graphs that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also make the data more accessible for the visually inclined.
  • NEW! Receive a Family Contact Newsletter with your monthly reports. The newsletter contains special announcements, suggestions, and reminders for Family Contact participants as well as Room for Improvement and Above & Beyond comments from survey responses received each month.

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How the Family Contact Program works

When you feel an appropriate amount of time has passed after a service, you will send the family a Family Contact packet or an email with a link to the online survey.  The family will then complete the Review of Service survey and return it to OGR. OGR compiles the results into a Monthly Report that you will receive along with the original Review of Service surveys. Each January, you will receive a special Annual Report that provides the combined ratings of all participating OGR firms, to allow you to benchmark your firm with all participating firms.

Various comments that families make are selected and used for the Above & Beyond and Room for Improvement comments (Room for Improvement comments are kept anonymous) in the Family Contact Newsletter that is sent out with the monthly reports.  Above & Beyond comments are also highlighted in the OGR quarterly publication, The Independent, and are automatically nominated for the Exemplary Service Awards presented at the annual conference.

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Feel free to contact OGR's Publications & Family Contact Coordinator, 800-637-8030, for any inquiries or additional information.

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