Become the Go-to Funeral Home for Veterans: A 2-part Series

Do you know how to establish your funeral home as the definitive choice for veterans in your area? Participate in either or both workshops put on by Veterans Funeral Care and OGR to learn how to connect with the veteran community and become the go-to funeral home for their families.

Noted veteran’s funeral expert and OGR member Jim Rudolph of Veterans Funeral Care will explain how understanding ranking, military culture and other demographics will equip you and your staff to serve veterans better than your competitors.

"I attended a ‘How to Serve Veterans’ workshop with Jim Rudolph. The funeral home I work at specializes in helping veterans, but I never knew how much I didn’t know!"

Melissa Dawson

Indiana Funeral Care

“Graduates of these workshops will learn how to become the funeral home that all their local veterans use,” Rudolph said. “By the end of the series, you will learn how to ‘speak veteran’.” He further noted that, “Some funeral directors think all it takes is to put up an American flag every morning, and the job is done. That flag is the starting point; we are going to go way, way beyond that during these presentations.”

As a graduate of these workshops, you will learn the secret of how to make sure your funeral home staff can state that, “No one in our area can be more VETERAN than WE are.”


Serving Veterans and Their Families

The first session covers the knowledge you and your staff need to facilitate a veteran’s funeral. From pre-planning steps to take, to the paperwork that needs to be filed after the funeral is held, this workshop covers it all. You’ll receive a military ranks cheat sheet so you can speak “military lingo” and learn how to read and decode DD-214 paperwork like an expert. If you think you know how to do these things, think again. Jim has a unique viewpoint and process that will allow you to raise the bar when it comes to serving veterans.

This first session was originally broadcast Tuesday, June 8, but is now available on-demand through OGR's Learning Library.

Engaging the Veteran Market

In the second session, Rudolph explores how tribal marketing is essential to reaching veterans. Establishing trust and building a relationship with both the organizations that work with veterans (VA, American Legion, VFC, etc.) and the veterans themselves is the key to success. However, this must be done with an authentic desire to serve veterans or you will lose their business quickly. This workshop covers specific examples of the types of programs that work with veterans. You will also learn strategies to making your funeral home and website more “veteran” than the standard template. By the end of this training, you’ll walk away with highly effective tools to honor and connect with veterans.

This second session was originally broadcast Wednesday, June 9, but is now available on-demand through OGR's Learning Library.

How to Register

  • OGR members: $125 for one session, $199 for both ($51 savings)
  • non-OGR members: $175 for one session, $299 for both ($51 savings)
  • If you are a VFC licensee, contact Nancy Weil for special pricing.

Members who attend both workshops may be eligible to join the Veterans Funeral Care Provider Network. For an annual fee, these licensed providers can use the Veterans Funeral Care logo, receive marketing materials, attend roundtable discussions and a yearly providers' Think Tank, plus take part in VFC’s proprietary programs “Retire Your Flag with Honor” and “Operation Toy Soldier.” OGR members receive a 15% discount on the annual licensing fee.

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