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In addition to the generous pricing discounts offered by GSG suppliers, members will receive exclusive member-only benefits with OGR’s Endorsed Supplier Program. Endorsed suppliers must meet exact requirements and complete an in-depth review process before an endorsement is granted by the OGR Board. The products awarded an endorsement are identified with the OGR Endorsed Supplier logo. OGR endorses the listed products but not all products offered by the company.

OGR endorsed products/services seek to position your firm most competitively in your marketplace and enhance the profitability of your business. How much can we save you?

Access Financial Group Interment Trust Services

altThe Golden Rule 401(k) plan was designed specifically to alleviate these problems and to help you meet your retirement savings goals. With an affordable start-up cost and comparably low, annual record keeping fees, this unique plan gives you and your employees more options than ever before. The Golden Rule 401(k) plan has the added benefit of allowing you to offer benefits to your employees, giving you a leg up in the hiring and retention of employees.

For nearly 30 years, Access Financial Group has managed the Golden Rule® Funeral Trust, providing pre-need trust accounting and investment advice. So, it is with great pleasure that we are offering OGR members the new

Golden Rule® 401(k) Plan. The plan was exclusively developed to support independent funeral homes and their employees. With low start-up investment and comparably low ongoing record keeping costs, this unique plan give you and your employees more options than ever before.

Contact us to learn more about this unique benefit and how we can work together to help you and your employees plan for your future.

Christopher Chigas
(312) 655-8233



A family owned and operated business since 1893, The Dodge Company is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of preparation room supplies. We carry a complete line of stationery, urns, urn vaults, and are a source for memorial products through our partners Glass Remembrance, Capture Bead Keepsakes and Dodge Portraits. 

Consolidated Funeral Services (CFS), Dodge’s technology partner, provides revenue-generating websites, development services and hosting, all while paying dividends to our 3500 website customers.

Dodge is proud to have been partnered with Insight Books and Doug Manning for over 25 years, supplying grief recovery materials and The Continuing Care Series

(800) 443-6343


Domanicare is aftercare for the digital age. We follow up with your families, on your behalf, for up to two years after a death through the most effective and personal way possible: a text message. Our text message aftercare program delivers a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate. Don’t let your message get left on the kitchen counter! Texts will come from your local area code and will personally address each family by name. In addition to nurturing your families, Domanicare boosts your online reviews and makes your funeral home easier to find online; increasing your at-need case volume.

To find out more and to take advantage of special pricing for OGR members, text “OGR” to (801) 893-5733.

Matthews® Aurora Funeral Solutionsalt

Matthews® Aurora Funeral Solutions provides a full line of burial, cremation, and memorial products, along with innovative training, technology, and marketing solutions that help you serve families in new ways, including Matthews Aurora’s Program. Matthews Aurora is committed to being the very best partner with OGR members. Ask your Matthews Aurora representative about our Preferred Partner Program for OGR member funeral homes. Call the answer team at (800) 457-1111.

Marty Strohofer
Vice President, Marketing & Product Development

(800) 457-1111


Skyways Mediaalt

Skyways Media is a family owned business operating in the UK, Canada and the US. We are one of the only fully vertical print & digital media companies, We specialize in the design, print and supply of FREE funeral planning guides and pre-need apps.There is no cost to your funeral home at all for the services we provide.

Garry Wayne
(289) 290-4409


Thumbies® and Buddies Pet Keepsakes® are highest-quality personalized print keepsakes, and the Phoenix Collection® offers cremation-based keepsakes for both lines. Beautifully decorative or highly functional, these keepsakes help people celebrate life and the ones they love utilizing the indelible sense of touch. Capabilities include the unmatched ability to create 100% custom, made-to-order, designs. Handcrafted in precious metals by artisans in the U.S. heartland, these keepsakes are cast for maximum tactile quality. For more information, please visit

Kelly Hulata, Vice President, Sales
(877) 848-6243