2023 WebED Webinar Series

The seven-part 2023 WebEd Series goes beyond running a successful business. It includes sustainability, global foresight and swift adaptability, all while honoring the original values, traditions and history of the funeral profession.  We know that your time is at a premium, so we want to allow for the flexibility to access content either live or on-demand, so these will all be available in our Learning Library after they are broadcast live.

Earn Continue Education Credits
NEW FOR 2023: Live and On-Demand CEUs will be available for APFSP and select states. 

Each webinar will be eligible for 1 CE credit for those who watch live, as well as for those who watch the recording in the Learning Library. Please note that, in order to obtain a CEU for watching the recorded version of a webinar, you must submit a completed exam and a signed honors statement to [email protected] in order to receive a certificate. There may be additional requirements for live and non-live participants depending on the state. Certain webinar recordings have expiration dates for being CE-eligible depending on the state.

While OGR provides your entire firm with the webinar join link, OGR only grants 1 CEU per registration. You must register all staff individually who wish to earn CE credit.

Pricing & Access
Individual webinars are available for $75 for members and $125 for non-members. Save by purchasing the entire series for $249 for members - that's about $35 per webinar! Remember, this admits you to all the live webinars and grants you access to the recorded versions in the OGR Learning Library.

Some webinar recordings will be eligible for on-demand CEs from APFSP and select states. All seven webinars are being submitted for CE approval from APFSP, and our first two have already been approved. 

Whether you purchase a single webinar or the whole series, every employee at your funeral home will be allowed to access the webinar(s) you purchase both live and on-demand in the Learning Library so you can work your professional development around your funeral home's schedule. Please note, though, that we can only grant one CE credit per registration.

2023 Webinars

Future Focus: Connecting and Cultivating the Next Generation 
January 24 | 10 AM EST | Nancy Weil, International Order of the Golden Rule

CE Approved: Visit ogr.org/ces for details

Featuring OGR Members: Charles Castiglia & Joshua DeLoriea-Colicino from Lakeside Memorial Funeral, Lasha August & Rick August from Infinity Funeral Home, and Chad Osthus & Andi Schmidtgall from Crawford-Osthus Funeral Home

Join OGR’s Member Resources Director, Nancy Weil, as she leads this dynamic conversation on how OGR members can work with a multi-generational staff comprised of all ages and experience. Nancy “sits down” with three sets of funeral directors from three different funeral homes across the United States, discussing topics such as working relationships of different generations within the funeral home, mentorship, business innovation and problem-solving, major city vs. small town funeral home operational dynamics, communication skills among staff, and more.

Fabulous Food for Funerals; Catering the Funeral Experience 
February 28 | 3 PM EST | Justin P. Zabor, CFSP, The Zabor Funeral Home

CE Approved: APFSP, Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Georgia and Ohio (Visit ogr.org/ces for details.)

The sharing of a meal is a universal expression of caring and comfort. So why don’t more funeral homes utilize this valuable extension of our services? Justin’s mouth-watering presentation is served in 4 Courses. In Part 1: “May I take your drink order?” You will be introduced to catering services as part of the funeral experience. Part 2: “Would you care for an appetizer?” Poses the question, “To Serve or not to Serve?” Part 3: “Here is your entrée…” Contains the meat of profit vs. cost analysis. Finally, Part 4, “How about some dessert…” Illustrates how catering services can make a positive addition to your bottom line.

Responding to a Major Disaster
March 28 | 6 PM EST | Bill Werner, The Dodge Company 

CE Approved: APFSP, Indiana, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio (Visit ogr.org/ces for details.)

In this presentation we explore what we as funeral directors and embalmers must deal with when faced with responding to major disasters. We will talk about the agencies involved, the process involved, and the stresses that arise from these events. We will then look at preparation and treatment of these cases resulting from major disasters and the challenges that are presented with disaster-related trauma. Finally, we will discuss how we can prepare ourselves for future disasters should the need arise.

The Transformative Power of Hospitality
April 18 | 3 PM EST |Tom Sproles, CFSP, Sproles Family Funeral Home

CE Approved: Indiana, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio (Visit ogr.org/ces for details.)

The Transformative Power of Hospitality in Funeral Service examines the differences between Customer Service and Hospitality. Both are vitally important but vastly different. Customer service is something that is done for customers and hospitality is how we make people feel.

Strategic Planning
September 26 | 10 AM EST | Allen Siverls, MBA, CFSP, DTM, The Triumph Group

This webinar is designed to introduce funeral homeowners to the concept and importance of Strategic Planning. Strategic planning sets out to answer a series of questions to ensure long-term funeral home success:

• Where are you now?
• Where do you want to go?
• How will you get there?

It was said that a failure to plan is a plan to fail. In today’s dynamic, uncertain, and highly competitive marketplace, funeral homeowners must take control of their destinies. Strategic planning offers owners the vehicle for driving their business rather than letting the business drive them.

Using business concepts such as analysis, proper measurement, and monitoring, a firm can institute greater control over the direction and success of its business.

The Most Important Part of the Marketing - the Message
November 14 | 6 PM EST | Rolf Gutknecht, LAads Marketing

This workshop is designed for all funeral service professionals who have a say and a stake in the success of their business’ marketing direction. This presentation will bring to light and address (in an entertaining way) issues, topics and show examples of marketing messaging that B2B and B2C firms should be considering and instituting in their own marketing activities to start being more fascinating to an ever discriminating audience. The primary purpose of this presentation is to inspire, inform and educate and to have people leave with a new perspective on what’s needed to standout from competitors.

Redefining a Good Funeral
December 12 | 3 PM EST | Roger Sheagren, Federated Fiducial

All funeral calls are NOT created equal, not anymore. “Good funerals” are ones that are designed around good service. They help families by providing a unique way for them to remember their loved one. Roger Sheagren’s book, Redefining a Good Funeral, explores different approaches to creating value for both the funeral home business and the families it serves. This presentation will demonstrate the value of good funerals and service strategies, offer solutions to improve service offerings and discuss how to be more profitable in a future with increasing cremation trends.   


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