How your business can actually benefit from negative reviews

Admit it: receiving a negative review can feel like a direct hit to your business. Your establishment is, after all, laser-focused on offering clients the best services. And it is never enjoyable to receive criticism on something you have diligently created. Learn more about how we can help from OGR supply partner, FuneralClicks.

However, negative comments are unavoidable. While they are not the desired outcome, there is a silver lining to unfavorable evaluations. You read that correctly. Evaluations with one or two stars might be beneficial to your business. Let’s understand how:

How Negative Reviews Benefit Your Brand

In a perfect world, every one of your clients would provide excellent testimonials for the services they select. But this is not always the case. And that is OK. Receiving infrequent one- or two-star ratings does not indicate that your business is failing. In reality, evaluations with one or two stars can assist your establishment in the following ways:

1. The Trust Aspect

Today, customers have access to a variety of alternatives. Obviously, a customer takes dozens of factors into account while deciding which business to buy from and which to avoid. However, a significant factor is trust. Before picking a funeral home, consumers must have faith in its services. To acquire this confidence, you must be transparent. In addition, one of the most effective ways to do so is by displaying feedback from other customers, even negative comments.

When consumers see negative comments, they recognize that you have nothing to hide. And a response to it demonstrates that you are a trustworthy establishment. A customer may conclude that a business is hiding something if there are no bad reviews – and that they should not trust the business.

2. Suitability Of A Service

The occasional negative review can increase service demand; it increases your average star rating to the optimal range of 4.2 to 4.5 stars. Customers or prospective clients rely on unfavorable evaluations to decide if a product or service meets their needs. Shoppers cite negative evaluations as a ‘very significant’ or ‘important’ component in their consumer choices, citing a negative perspective as ‘very vital’ or ‘important.’

3. Learn What Works And What Doesn’t

One- and two-star reviews can assist you in finding shortcomings with services that you would not have otherwise identified. This input can better guide changes, allowing you to serve your clients more effectively. It may be tempting to eliminate negative feedback. However, resist the urge. One and two-star ratings offer credibility to your services and let customers know they can trust your business. In addition, negative reviews assist your customers in making more educated selections, which increases customer loyalty.

In short, there is no need to be wary or afraid of negative reviews. As long as you respond to them, clarify the issue, and address the concerns, people reading the reviews will know that you are a credible business and serious about what you do.

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