10-minute Talks: A new way to reach out to caregivers

The pandemic has been especially challenging for professionals working in healthcare. Nursing homes, hospices and hospitals have all had the stress of handling the unknown while trying to maintain their own health and wellness.

Show them a little love through OGR’s new community outreach program, a series of six “10-minute Talks: Coping During COVID-19” designed to give frontline workers a brief respite from their duties.

Each of these programs is designed to stand alone so they can pick and choose which topics appeal to them. Plus, the short duration makes these a great way to recharge during a break or watching at home.

Topics covered are:

  • Step Away from Stress
  • A Moment for Mindfulness
  • 3 Emotional ‘Cousins’: Worry, Stress and Fear
  • Unsupported Loss and Grief
  • Faith as a Spiritual Journey
  • Pivot Toward the Positive

Led by OGR Member Resources Director Nancy Weil with Andrew Loos from OGR member Heartland Cremation and Heather Braatz, licensed funeral director from Worsham College of Mortuary Science, these lighthearted and entertaining talks are sure to bring a smile to the faces of those on the front lines. And don’t forget your own staff! These talks also make for a great stress reliever for everyone on your staff, so be sure to share the link with them as well.

"Since 1992, I have taught other funeral directors how to run a caregiver marketing program and I love this new OGR program!" said Jim Rudolph of Veterans Funeral Care and Cremation Consulting. "The videos can be used to meet new caregivers, but I will use them to build an even stronger relationship with caregivers who already love me and my firm. These 10-minute talks will strengthen a relationship already in place."

Best of all, it’s an easy caregiver marketing program for your funeral home to offer.

  • Sign-up for the program
  • OGR will send you a link to a private YouTube page that holds all six programs.
  • E-mail that link along with an introductory note to the caregivers you know.
  • Wait for the thanks to roll in!

You also have the option to download the programs and have your own logo added at the beginning and end of each talk. OGR can add your logo to the front and end of each talk for a small fee. If you want the custom option but don't have a YouTube channel or other way to host the video, OGR will either create one for you or get you copies of the video that will work with your website.

This article was originally published in the Winter 2021 issue of The Independent. Click here to read the entire issue.

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