Learn to 'speak veteran' to better serve those who served

Veterans speak their own language, and each branch of service has its own dialect. A captain in the Army is NOT the same as a captain in the Navy - do you know the difference? If you can't meet veterans where they are, you won't be able to serve this key demographic in the manner they deserve.

OGR has partnered with Jim Rudolph of endorsed supplier Veterans Funeral Care to explain how understanding ranks, military culture and other key details will equip you and your staff to serve veterans better than your competitors.

"This two-day course was career-changing for me. Within the first 15 minutes, I realized how much I didn’t know about caring properly for our veterans. I learned so much that I can now put into practice. I am excited to be able to approach veteran pre-arrangements and at need funerals with insider knowledge that is simply not taught anywhere else."

Elle Heiligenstein
Hoffen Funeral Home
Millstadt, Illinois

The workshop is split into two, 2-hour sessions. The first session, Serving Veterans and Their Families, covers the knowledge you and your staff need to facilitate a veteran’s funeral. From pre-planning steps to take, to the paperwork that needs to be filed after the funeral is held, this workshop covers it all. You’ll receive a military ranks cheat sheet so you can speak “military lingo” and learn how to read and decode DD-214 paperwork like an expert. If you think you know how to do these things, think again. Jim has a unique viewpoint and process that will allow you to raise the bar when it comes to serving veterans.

In the second session, Engaging the Veteran Market, Rudolph explores how tribal marketing is essential to reaching veterans. Establishing trust and building a relationship with both the organizations that work with veterans (VA, American Legion, VFC, etc.) and the veterans themselves is the key to success. However, this must be done with an authentic desire to serve veterans or you will lose their business quickly. This session covers specific examples of the types of programs that work with veterans. You will also learn strategies to making your funeral home and website more “veteran” than the standard template. By the end of this training, you’ll walk away with highly effective tools to honor and connect with veterans.

Both sessions are available in OGR's Learning Library 24/7 so you can access them at a time that works for you. OGR members can buy one session for $125 or both for $199 ($51 savings).

Attend both workshops and you may be eligible to join the Veterans Funeral Care Provider Network. For a fee, these licensed providers can use the Veterans Funeral Care logo, receive marketing materials, attend a yearly providers Think Tank and take part in VFC’s proprietary programs “Retire Your Flag with Honor” and “Operation Toy Soldier.” OGR members receive a 15% discount off the annual licensing fee.

Register today at OGR.org/VFC. Have questions? Call OGR Member Resources Director Nancy Weil at (512) 334-5504, ext. 304, or email [email protected].

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