introduces FuneralClicks to the funeral profession

KINGSTON, Ontario - is announcing a new brand in the funeral industry, FuneralClicks. FuneralClicks is an agency that provides marketing services to funeral homes across North America.

Mike Hepburn started working in a family-owned funeral home at a young age. Later on, the family business expanded its services by offering software for funeral homes which evolved into a full-blown marketing company. Since then, Mike has worked with other companies offering marketing services to the funeral industry. Now, he’s a proud owner of his very own marketing agency.

Mike Hepburn,“I have over 29 years working in the funeral profession and feel a strong need for an all-in-one marketing company for funeral homes. Although FuneralClicks has been in business for six years, it was always under the name Now it’s time to get the FuneralClicks brand out to funeral homes,” cites Mike Hepburn.

FuneralClicks was started not only because of our experience with the funeral profession and marketing to such, but because there is a strong need.

“Too many funeral homes have to rely on multiple companies to handle their marketing needs. FuneralClicks is a company that collaboratively works to deliver cohesive marketing strategies complementing one another,” adds Mike.

Your Next Family is Only A Click Away

We understand the profession and know how busy things can get at the funeral home. That is why we created FuneralClicks. Doing marketing correctly means understanding the goals of your business and putting together a marketing strategy to reach them. This takes time and patience, and involves having the knowledge of what it takes to launch a successful marketing plan. Collectively, the FuneralClicks team has many years of experience and are ready to take your business to the next level. Take the marketing stress off you and let FuneralClick become your trusted digital marketing partner.

We know you’re a business owner that understands the importance of marketing, so what if we told you that you could save more time and use it to focus on your business?

How would you feel if we told you we could build a marketing strategy to drive more families to your funeral home?

Are you wanting that next family to walk into your funeral home instead of your competitor down the street?

Would you like to create a brand that is recognizable and be that authoritative figure to your target audience in all areas you serve?

How about driving more families to your funeral home, that results in more sales?

Would you like to be the trusted name in your community?

We know this all excites you and yes, all of this is possible. At FuneralClicks, your goals become our goals and together we will create a marketing strategy to achieve them. Don’t wait! Contact us today to get started!

Marketing Services to Grow Your Business

FuneralClicks offers many marketing services to help take your funeral home to the next level. These services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising combined to increase your rankings on search engines. This will drive more traffic to your website and convert more visitors to customers.
  • Social Media Management to increase your engagement and grow your following. This will allow you to build and nurture relationships and ensure your funeral home is top of mind when a family is looking for a pre-need or at-need service.
  • Did you know that 90% of consumers look at online reviews before committing to a business? Our Review Management service will increase your online reviews.
  • Branding to create a strong first impression and get your funeral home noticed. This includes logo design, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, and more..
  • Content Writing to build your brand’s authority. By producing quality content using focused keywords throughout your headings and content, which can include blogs, this will help get your funeral home higher in the search engine rankings while providing valuable information to your audience. 
  • Location Pages on your website for each location you serve. This helps your funeral home be more visible in local search results pages and boosts your SEO for that specific area.

We understand the time and expertise it takes to run a successful marketing strategy. That is why we have spent the last six years helping funeral homes just like you with their marketing needs. Join the 300+ clients who have already made the move to work with a marketing partner they can trust. Collectively, we have many years of experience in the industry and are here to help you. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to take the next step with your marketing? Contact FuneralClicks today so you can start focusing more on your business and work with a marketing partner you can rely on to handle all of your funeral homes’ marketing needs.

Free Monthly Webinars to Educate Your Funeral Home on Marketing - Save Your Seat!

Mike Hepburn provides live monthly webinars that are free for your funeral home. These are great resources, full of marketing information. This helps your funeral home staff to attain new, or enhance existing, knowledge and skills that can supplement or complement their marketing efforts. The marketing world is constantly changing, so these allow you to stay updated with new trends. Our goal is to provide your team better learning outcomes that allow them to execute their jobs more efficiently. But of course, FuneralClicks is here to help take on any marketing initiatives you don’t have the time or manpower for. These webinars occur on the last Wednesday of every month at two o'clock pm EST. To see our upcoming webinars, please visit Even if you are unable to attend, ensure to register so you can receive a copy of the recorded webinar at the end.

If you want more information about FuneralClicks or any of our marketing services, please contact Mike Hepburn at 1-888-356-0380 or [email protected]. and FuneralClicks are members of OGR's Supplier Network.

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