GPLs - Getting pricing information into the hands of the consumer

The International Order of the Golden Rule (OGR) hosts a Virtual Roundtable series for members to connect and share their expertise, ideas and questions around common challenges facing the funeral profession. The June 2023 roundtable discussion centered around service pricing and how to best get that information to consumers. Topics included how to present pricing information, training staff to discuss pricing and what to be aware of regarding Federal Trade Commission (FTC) pricing regulations. Key points of discussion include: 

A strong GPL is a strong first impression. 

While there are countless ways to present a General Price List (GPL), our member panel agreed that finding a visually effective way to display your GPL can pay major dividends when working with consumers. A well-designed GPL is easier for consumers to digest and can paint a clear picture of the services that your funeral home offers. If your GPL is more aesthetically pleasing, it will also help to set your funeral home apart from your competitors. 

Some OGR members hire a professional to design and lay out their GPL, but that is only one option. While not everyone can provide the expertise of an artist or graphic designer, free online design tools like Canva can help you create impressive visuals with little to no experience.  

As you think about designing your GPL, consider also including a planning guide to provide consumers with more information about the services you offer and how you can assist them during their challenging time.  

When it comes to pricing, transparency is key. 

Members discussed how a lack of consistency in GPL layout and content across the profession leaves consumers confused when they try to compare pricing and services. That is why it is so important to be transparent about your pricing. One tip shared is to have a separate sheet of paper that includes packages from itemized price lists. Then, once you have presented your expertly designed GPL and learned what services the family wants, you can start talking about packaged pricing. That way, there are no surprises throughout the process. Does your funeral home charge a credit card fee on sales tax or cash advance items? If so, that should be outlined in your pricing too.  

Make sure that your pricing is clearly laid out and easy to understand, and your consumers will thank you in the long run 

Always be mindful of important FTC regulations.  

The last thing you want as the leader of a funeral home is to have trouble with the FTC. While taking a meticulous approach to following the many regulations might feel overwhelming, it will save you headaches and help you avoid expensive penalties. You can make sure your funeral home is up to FTC code by following the guidelines in the Complying With the Funeral Rule book, which is also available to read online here. For funeral home leaders who want a separate set of eyes on their GPL, customers of Federated Fiducial (FFDA), an OGR supplier, can get their GPL proofread for free to ensure compliance with FTC regulations.  

Beyond updating your own GPL, our panel of members also suggested the importance of taking time to regularly train your staff on FTC policies and emphasize the importance of adhering to them.  


Join us for our next Virtual Roundtable Understaffed and Overwhelmed – Staffing to Ensure Coverage and Prevent Burnout on August 23, 2023. Learn more and register for the event by clicking here. In addition, OGR members can check out past roundtable discussions on our website. 

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