Strategic Business Analysis

Three Options (one included with your membership at no additional cost!)
To Help Improve Your Funeral Home’s Profitability
  • Is your money working hard for you or are you working hard for your money?
  • Are you ready to maximize profit and reduce waste?
  • Do you hate looking at spreadsheets and trying to figure it all out on your own?
    Stop the struggle and get back to doing what you do best – helping families plan a meaningful and healing funeral. This is where you shine, yet you cannot continue to do your job if the money to keep your doors open isn’t in your bank account. Remember--it’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you make. Gross revenue does not always equal adequate profit margins.
    We know how hard you work for every dollar you earn. We’ve heard your stories of shrinking profits and trying to compete against the deep discounters. We know your challenges are real.
    OGR’s new Strategic Business Analysis options provide the expertise, insights and guidance you need to identify problem-areas and form a plan to improve them. OGR partnered with expert consultants at The Foresight Companies to perform an analysis similar to an annual check-up with your doctor, only for your funeral home. Foresight’s in-depth work will reveal strengths and weaknesses of your funeral home’s financial health. Based on their findings and diagnosis, they will recommend action steps and guidance to increase revenue, decrease expenses, improve cash flow and increase net worth.

How to Get Started

Getting started requires only a little effort from you. You’ll start by sending the most recent four years of your consolidated financial statements and four years of call information.  The Best option will require some additional data including your GPL and employee census.

Start building your profitability today! For more information about the Strategic Business Analysis options available to all OGR members, contact Jeff Harbeson at (800) 426-0165 or [email protected].