What is the OGR Family Contact Survey Program?

OGR firms know that families come first, which is why OGR created The Family Contact Survey Program. The Family Contact Survey Program is a FREE member benefit that is simple to use and offers valuable information on your funeral home's operations, services and staff through surveying families you've served. The survey helps funeral homes assess if they are meeting the Golden Rule standards. How do you know if the families you serve are truly satisfied? Will they tell other families about their experience with your staff and service?  Are they interested in pre-arranging? OGR's Family Contact Program can find these answers and more.

"When a change needs to be made, the fastest way to know is through the survey program. We all know our business is changing, so it is very important to be ahead of what families want."

Sara Walsh
Faulmann & Walsh Golden Rule Funeral Home
Fraser, Michigan






  • Learn what families thought of your services, ceremony, merchandise, and staff
  • Monitor areas of your funeral home and services that need improvement
  • Learn why families chose your funeral home
  • Recognize employees for superior service
  • Learn if you are meeting the expectations of the families you serve
  • Receive suggestions on ways to improve the service you provide to your families
  • Recognition on social media
  • Eligibility for the Exemplary Service Awards
  • FREE to OGR members!

International members can also take advantage of this member benefit by using the online version of the survey. Contact OGR to learn more.

 Family Contact Program Materials & Features
  • Personalized Review of Service survey with your funeral home name, location, and unique Family Contact ID. This refreshed family-friendly survey was developed in direct response to information OGR firms found most useful for improving or securing their funeral homes. 
  • Online Survey Link allows families to easily fill out the survey and lets you quickly see their responses.
  • OGR Letter of Explanation that you can provide along with the survey that explains who OGR is and the importance of filling out the survey.
  • Mail Out Envelopes (the outer envelope) imprinted with the Golden Rule logo.
  • Business Reply Envelopes for the family to return the completed survey to OGR for processing.
  • Monthly and Annual Reports that provide feedback from families. These professional reports also include visual graphs that make the data more accessible.
  • Online Reports allow participants to receive a notification every month when their reports are ready. Log onto a secure, private website to view, save and/or download monthly reports and other files related to the Family Contact Program. The online reports offer the following benefits:
    • Quick Delivery - Participants have the efficiency and stability of always having access to their reports in a timely manner.
    • Easy Access - Scans of the original surveys are accessible to participants through the online reports. You can download, print and save them.
    • Convenient Storage - Past reports are stored for a year. No need for participants to dig through any paper files. Just turn on the computer.

Envelope Orders

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